The Agile Project Management Office

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Project Management Office in an Agile environment
1.0 Introduction :
Project Management Office (PMO) and Agile method are highly reputable terms in many organizations, especially in their IT projects. The PMO is a group of people or committee within an organization that is responsible to define and maintain standards and practices for traditional project management. The ultimate objective for the PMO is to gain the benefits that are derived from applying Project Management (PM) methods, practices and policies. Thus, the PMO over time will become the origin for documentation, guidance and metrics regarding to any practices that are involved in managing projects within the organization, as well as it will be the communication channel that can enhance executive management decision-making to achieve organization strategic goals.
On the other hand, agile methodology is considered as an alternative to traditional project management, especially in software development projects. Teams in agile methodology are cross functional, self-organizing and managing, and they work through incremental, iterative time frames called sprint in order to deliver products faster than those that used traditional practices. In addition, according to the IBM definition “ Agile is a methodology that reduces development cost and risk, improves quality and enhances your customers’ satisfaction by better meeting their needs and expectations” ( . Thus, agile teams and the PMO share the same objectives of producing valuable products or services and leading the organization projects to be the successful.
However, PMO and agile teams have different and cross purpose methods to achieve the enterprise goals, which causes a big conflict between those teams’ role...

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...e economy changes and challenges as well as it can promote the overall projects governance, performance, and achievement.

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