The Age Of Mass Migration

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The golden dream, making it in a new land with promise of good jobs and owning your own home. The United States offers a less strict way of life and society that provides more opportunity than many other countries, while allowing immigrants to assume a fully American identity. It was a win- win for all, new work force pour into the states and immigrants have a chance of making better life for them and their families. This was true for many immigrants in the 1820 to the early 1950 you came to U.S work hard and you would one day have the American dream. America is still consider the golden dream for many immigrants in today’s modern society. The year between 1850 and 1915 was known as the “Ages of Mass Migration” in the United States. In that time frame an estimate total of thirty million immigrants came to America .reported by (A Nation of Immigrants Assimilation and Economic). This surge made up twenty –two percent of the U.S labor force foreign. The same trend kept the U.S labor force growing as of 2015 by the “Bureau of labor statistics U.S department of labor” shows that 48.8 pe...
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