The African American Experience On African Americans And Their Outlook On Marriage

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Introduction The African American experience is not just something we study but as an African American, I live it. When looking up topics, I was trying to find something that would resonate with me. When I came across an article about how African American men felt about marriage so many things ran threw my mind. Due to social media, personal experiences and overall assumptions I had some preconceived notions of my own. When scanning the article one of the first things mentioned was that the percentage of African American marriages has dropped from 61% to 32% (Perry 182-183). This sadden me and intrigued me at the same time so I decided to pick this topic because I figured it would give me insight and some real answers. Not only did it answer some of my questions, it taught me new things about the men in my own culture. Analysis This article was written and this study was conducted because according to the author there is a lack of reports done on African American men and their outlook on marriage. The author felt as though if there was more light and knowledge shed on this topic it would indeed help us understand African American men better and this would positively affect black men in society in the future. The two main research questions were: “What are the factors associated with African American men’s attitude toward marriage? In what ways do African American men’s life experiences shape their attitudes toward marriage?” (Perry 184). The author chose to use different methods to obtain his data such as surveys and interviews. One hundred and sixty-one African American men were chosen to participate in this study. There were two stages involved in the data analysis, the quantitative and qualitative data analysis. The partakers ... ... middle of paper ... ...frican American experience has shaped these African American men in so many ways. Not having those critical examples and life experiences needed to develop as a well-rounded young man of any color hindered them in their search for love. On the other hand, having both parents in their life, having some type of spiritual faith, and not just being taught the right things but shown the right things proved all the difference. There are black men who have positive attitudes towards marriage and who have positive examples in their lives but this is rarely represented in literature. Through this study it was shown that men who held positive stances on marriage felt obligated to become better men and husbands focused around their adoration for their accomplices. Ultimately, these men would become better men in society and role models for young African American men after them.
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