The Affective Seasonal Disorder

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The Affective Seasonal Disorder is a mild disorder most people get only during winter season when the weather appear to be pretty cloud. People normally are unable to adjust well enough in various change of weather. Affective Seasonal Disorder do have a similar effect as depressions. For example, people who lives somewhere northern part of USA do experience lack energy level when they are not frequently being in outdoors. The study group who actively engage in extensive study probably already have the general idea by analyzing more closely on cause and effect of the depressions. As according to the further study field of what, the researchers group who clearly reported the negative effect of Affective Seasonal Disorder in ( 1980), in the article of Salem Health, “that as people come out of their seasonal depression they experience feelings of euphoria, increased energy, less depression, hypomania, and possibly mania’ (Wehr and (Rosenthal, pg. 1) The descriptions prove to be truth because most begin to note greater improvements once the season start to turn out to be that warmer. This where people start to decrease fatigue and depressions feelings they have inside their body system. On the other hand, Boyce and Parker have eventually done more deep investigations to see if the SAD could effect how people function in their daily life, “It interferes with the person’s life, although to a lesser degree than the full syndrome, and it is responsive to the primary treatment for seasonal affective disorder,”.( Boyce, and Parker) The disorder is common to everyone else in Southern hemisphere. While, people may resist from unpleasant enivironment. Actually, once the patient receive temporary psychological tream... ... middle of paper ... ...ophan-free amino acid drink “( Nemeister, Alexander, et at). The outcome of the variable does indicate that the patient consume the of amio ingredient in their drink that cause the patient to possess unusual mood string changes like mostly likely they could have fleeting depressive deterioration which their body might have severe reactions. However, the testing cannot the only case the toxicity makes it to happen that quickly enough. The cause of the Seasonal Affective Disorder does no have the long term effect as many study group have noted during 48 hours assessments. The result have shown to accurate the drug free ingredients consist amino free that may damage their body more easily. The symptom does mix with other personalities disorders but does occur only weather season. although, people start to get better once the cold season is over.

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