The Affect of Stress

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What is stress? Stress is defined as the physical, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral responses to events that are viewed as threatening or challenging (Ciccarelli and White 2009). Stress differs from person to person and can be experienced in many difference ways. Also, what may be stressful to me may not be stressful to someone else. In this paper I plan on discussing how people can be affected by stress positively and negatively. I will go specifically go over a few ways people are affected by stress; aches and pains you may feel from stress, effects of prenatal stress, and positive stress. Discussion How stress can affect many people: Every day life events can send us on an emotional rollercoaster and we can positively or negatively affected by stress. There are many signs and symptoms of stress. Some negative symptoms include various body pains, trouble sleeping, teeth grinding, and excess worry. Too much stress can lead to other problems such as depression, insomnia, or anxiety. A lot of times we experience negative stress when we feel our back is against the wall. A poll released by the American Pain Association in 2009 found that 68% of people that experience acute back pain or minor muscle strains and sprains that year were related to the recession this country is experiencing (Editors, Stress in tough economic times add to physical discomfort (TOPICAL ANALGESICS)(Brief Acticle), 2009). Anything from a hard test coming up to a major loss or catastrophe can cause anyone of these negative stress symptoms. Stress can also cause behavior changes in us. One behavioral change that I personally experienced through stress is displaced aggression/displacement. I have actually been on both sides of displaced aggres... ... middle of paper ... ...ICS)(Brief Article) http// pjc&version=1.0 Editors, Women’s Health Weekly (25 March 2010) Studies from University of Northern Colorado yield new information about birth weight. http// pjc&version=1.0 Ramanunni, Jalaja (20 Sept 2009) Stress can help you achieve your goals; Bangaloreans have started opting for hobbies, apart from the usual books and music. http// pjc&version=1.0
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