The Advertising Of Food Advertising

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Food Advertising In today’s society, magazine and newspaper advertisements are seen everywhere. Whether the topic of the advertisement is a car or the newest brand of shoes, all advertisements share the same goal. That goal is to draw the viewer’s attention and convince the viewer that they need the product that is being shown. The food industry is very well known for their use of advertisements. Food companies in the United States spend billions of dollars each year creating ads to promote their products. Every part of any advertisement has a purpose and each company uses different strategies in their advertisements to convey their message to potential consumers. One common strategy of the advertisements is to claim that the food is healthy of has some sort of special health benefit. With obesity being a large problem in today’s society, food companies really like to use this strategy. After looking through images online from magazines this became very obvious. There were multiple advertisements claiming to be “healthy”. One good example of this was the Healthy Choice ad (Appendix A). Healthy choice was showcasing their frozen, pre-packaged meals. The claim that was made through their ad was that salads are not as healthy as Healthy Choice’s Rosemary Chicken and Sweet Potatoes meal. The ad even included the calorie and fat amounts for the average prepared salad and the Healthy Choice meal, claiming that the Healthy Choice meal had less than over half of the amount of calories. In many cases, however, the health claims made in these types of advertisements carry misleading messages. The claims are almost too good to be true. The Healthy Choice meal hid information from their customers. One issue with the ad was that Healthy Cho... ... middle of paper ... a part of ongoing social, political, economic life, and conformity to cultural norms. Advertisers and food companies acknowledge the social norm and use it to their advantage. These advertising techniques are just some of the many that are used every day. No matter if the companies are targeting certain groups or types of people, promoting the products benefits, or advocating their low prices, the goal of the companies is all the same. Each company wants to draw in the attention of potential customers. Depending on the person and the advertisement, the impact that the advertisement changes. Some people are more convinced to purchase or try different foods based off of advertisements, while others feel that the advertisements have no effect on their behaviors. Either way, advertisements have been around for so many years and will be around for many years to come.

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