The Adventure Of The Speckled Band By Sherlock Holmes

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The Adventure of the speckled band was one of the many stories that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote with Sherlock Holmes in it. This story is about the twin sister of Helen Stoner, which was Julia that died mysteriously and there is Sherlock Holmes who is the one who is going to find the mystery with his friend Watson. Moreover the person that asks for help from that great and famous detective is Helen. Julia died in a bedroom that now her sister is going to live in. Moreover this story is also about Dr. Royllot a physician that was suspected as the murderer of Julia.
The speckled band was the last word that Julia said when she died that was what Dr. Royllot said to her sister and what she said to Sherlock. Helen stayed the night in the room that her sister died. At one time she heard some noises that were mysterious and disturbing. The 5th night Sherlock Holmes told Helen that he has found solution to the mystery. So Helen goes to sleep and she hears again the noises. Something started crawling from the safe of the room. It was a deadly snake that Dr. Royllot had put to kill her after she killed her sister. Fortunately there was Sherlock, who attacked the snake with a walking stick. The snake went to the physician’s room and it injected it’s venom in him. When Sherlock entered the room the snake has wound the body of the murderer.
The death of Julia was an accident where the murderer was Dr. Royllot. He had put the deadly snake in the safe so it can kill Julia. He trained it to go after the milk so he had put milk in the bed of Julia. The death of Julia was also connected directly with Dr. Royllot who wanted to kill Helen because she was the only person that wanted to know how her sister died. Moreover Sherlock and Watson solved th...

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... amazed by what they did.
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in my opinion is one of the greatest writers of all time no one can copy him because what he did with Sherlock Holmes is unique and that is why it is so special. Also Sherlock would not be anything without Conan Doyle.
The Adventure of the Speckled Band was one story that I liked a lot but it was too obvious to find who the murderer of Julia was. Although I liked it a lot and saw a clip from the internet like a movie of the book.
The Boscombe Valley Mystery was my favorite from these 2 stories because there was too much mystery and also some information were revealed when John Turner confessed. Although Holmes did not know so many information he deducted the crime.
Lastly the mystery in the stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle needs to be included because it makes the reader want to read more when they are “in” the book.
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