The Advantages of Non-Conventional Warfare over Conventional Warfare

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It is often said that casualties are a major part of every war. What if this is an unnecessary step to winning in combat, that the number of casualties could be greatly limited to a smaller number? Today, hundreds of thousands of people in Joint Task Forces are putting their lives in danger in Afghanistan, Iraq and even the surrounding bodies of water for the greater good. The technique that is frequently used in combat, that dates back to the American Revolution, is called Guerrilla Warfare, and is fought by small teams of four to eight people; these small groups are called Special Forces. Many argue that the use of sniper teams and Special Forces in combat is unethical and even more for unconventional weapons, although unconventional warfare is often the reason to a quick ending war and results in thousands, even millions of lives being saved. Throughout my younger years I’ve had the idea of defending my country against all evil, and have always had in my mind that the greatest honor anyone could ever achieve is to die on the battlefield for one’s country. On September 11th, 2001, the World Trade Center towers were burned down to the ground in an attempt to bring a great nation to its knees. Thousands of people died that day; mothers, fathers, and other innocent people that went to work thinking it was a normal day, and would never go home to see their families again. Furthermore, children would be left alone throughout the rest of their lives not knowing who their parents were. I went to boot camp with several people whose families died that day, and even served side by side with a firefighter that was there that terrible day, and saw the fear in people’s eye’s as they watched this dreadful event play out. These peop... ... middle of paper ... ... Tzu, Sun. Sun Tzu on the Art of War. Trans. Giles, Lionel. London: Luzac and Co., 1910. Print "U.S. Army Special Forces." Special Forces. 2010. Web. January 5, 2010. United States Air Force. Parrington, Alan. “Mutually Assured Destruction Revisited.” Airpower Journal. 1997. Web. January 8, 2010. United States Navy. "Trident Fleet Ballistic Missile.” Department of the Navy. 17 January 2009. Web. January 8, 2010. Verjee, Zain, Barbara Starr, Kate Bolduan, Carol Cratty and Mike Mount. "Hostage captain rescued; Navy snipers kill 3 pirates." CNN. April 12, 2009. Web. Janurary 5, 2010.

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