The Advantages Of Technology In Education

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Whether or not we use technology too excessively is a hot debate. Today, many areas of society rely on technology to function. Studies have shown that incorporating technology in a classroom setting can vastly benefit the learning process of students. Technology has contributed to the development of mankind because it improves the way we live. Technology in communication, education, healthcare, transportation, banking, and households is very helpful and convenient because it makes our lives easier.
Today, technology has vastly changed how we communicate in so many different ways. “Communication Technology is a subject that has the possibility to promote the Geometry and Spatial Sense strand. Students in communication technology have the potential
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Many parents think that technology is an advantage in the learning process of a child, while some presume technology is a disadvantage . Some children learn differently than others; that is when technology plays a big role in the learning process. “Advances in technology mean education uses increasingly diverse ways of learning and studying. Most universities make content available over the internet, allowing students access to course material whenever they like” (Brander) . This statement supports the claim that technology helps in the learning process of the student. Technology has various different effects on education, one of them being enhancing the student 's learning process. It enhances the learning process of the student by challenging them intellectually. “Although we have adopted technology in many aspects of education today, a comprehensive infrastructure for learning is necessary to move us beyond the radical model of educators and students in classrooms to a learning model that brings together teaching teams and students in classrooms, labs, libraries, museums, workplaces, and homes- anywhere in the world where people have access devices and an adequate Internet connection” (Loertscher). This statement supports the claim that technology enhances the learning process of the student. Technology also helps in teaching students to be independent because they are more likely to use a computer to search…show more content…
Technology in healthcare assists diagnostic procedures, medication, and even finding cures. Technology in healthcare provides success in treatments, research, and also gives people who work in the medical field more knowledge to practice medicine. People use technology to research online medical issues such as symptoms, treatments, and medicine to take for minor illnesses. The production of new medicines, machines, and treatments save lives and improve the recovery chances of billions of people. There is a new feature via phone, which involves hospitals keeping families and loved ones updated minute to minute when a patient is in surgery. This keeps people in the waiting room informed and at ease. “Information technology provides an unlimited opportunity for promoting correct health care practices for prevention of certain diseases, providing information for maintaining health and other suitable information to the expected target audience” (Rohini & Anant). This statement support the claim that technology is used to find cures and prevent deadly diseases. Technology has also permitted doctors to use live videos to consult experts from different parts of the world to treat, and diagnose terrible
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