The Advantages Of Inclusion?

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Inclusion is the idea that students with disabilities are able to participate in general education classrooms with general and special education teachers’ work together. Students with disabilities are not separated from the average student. President Ford signed the first comprehensive federal law that acknowledged equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities in 1975. Some people agree that students with disabilities should be included in the general education classroom because it will be beneficial for all students. However, other people disagree with the idea because they believe it will not be beneficial and will not promote academic success for the students. Carissa Lawrence, an experienced teacher in Gainesville Florida, wrote The Advantages of Inclusion, which…show more content…
In order for inclusion to be beneficial the teacher must be aware of what the students needs are and accommodate to the needs. A benefit discussed is, students with disabilities are able to interact with normal students. This allows them to build their communication skills and prepares them for the interactions they will face when they are in the real world. It also allows the normal students to be aware that there are students with disabilities and will allow them to help make the society inclusive. Lawrence also believe that teachers will benefit from their inclusive classrooms, because it will develop their teaching skills, they will learn how to accommodate with their students with learning disabilities. It will also be beneficial for general education teachers because it provides an opportunity for general education teachers to collaborate with special education teachers and also parents to insure they are following the students IEP to promote the best learning opportunity for the
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