The Advantages Of Creative Drama In The Classroom

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Learners are supposed to acquire and learn vocabulary through involvement, understanding and experience. Such experimental knowledge is one of the best ways of educational drama. It is a learning planed chance to exercise the language in an operation which was not present in a traditional language classroom. This process involves using the language to acquire and learn it, which is the centralobjective of communicative language teaching (Howat, 1984, P.297).Generally, drama has two main purposes, on the one hand to edify, enlighten and educate and on the other, to entertain or amuse. Drama gives the learner an opportunity to take personal trip through dynamic experimental learning.It can create entertainment, pleasure and motivation and providesvariouschances…show more content…
The classroom is not the best place to get to controls with a foreign language. It is claimed that it is almost impossible to do a meaningful teaching without employing creative drama.
According to Demircio (2010) Creative drama is a valuable addition to classroom instruction. It gives a context for meaningful language production and listening, forcing the learners to use their language resources and, thus, enhancing their linguistic abilities. Equally important, the affective filter is lowered: increases in self-esteem, self-confidence, spontaneity, reducing embarrassments, feelings of alienation and sensitivity to rejection. Drama also provides situations for reading and writing. It is very useful in teaching literary texts and it helps in analyzing plot, characters and style. It involves students more positively and actively in the text by using the techniques of drama to teach English language.Some advantages of using drama in language learning/teaching are developingstudents’performancein learning, providing better atmosphere to learn the language, putting new vocabularies and expressions in context, helping to get acceptable pronunciation and intonation, proper understanding of foreign language culture and building up learners' confidence to speak fluently (MOGHADDAS, B
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It is often the case that the knowledge gained by the learner is only the apparent meaning of the word and the important meaning of the word is missing. An effective classroom method is creative drama, which provides psychological meaning as well as logical meaning. Motivation for vocabulary learning is simply to make working with words enjoyable.
According to Thornbury (2002) creating a classroom atmosphere in which words are fun and playing with words is encouraged can be a powerful answer to the very natural fear of making mistakes that can so easily hinder
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