The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Smart Phones And Health Care

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The introduction of smart phones in our lives is perhaps one of the greatest things that ever happened to mankind since creation. Smart phones have instantly changed communities around the world in many ways, many of us remember not too long ago the traditional way of communicating was by mail. Today with instant messages, such as texts and picture messaging make it seems like it is the only way to communicate. This exciting phenomenon brings families and friends who live thousands of miles away together. The sudden change have affected young and old, in many countries around the world regular mails usually take few weeks, in some cases month to reach remote areas. Since the introduction of smart phones the story is not the same anymore. Few…show more content…
Smartphones are quickly becoming an intrinsic part of health care in America not only for the ease of communication and increase in efficiency that they facilitate, but also for the countless application that are available for use on a smartphone. What are the advantages and disadvantages for nurses and other healthcare professionals? According to: Putzer and Park, smartphones advantages are fully integrated into American society, and the medical field has not escaped the craze. Though there are advantages and disadvantages to the use of cellphones in medical care, more and more the argument seems to have shifted from “is cellphone technology good for healthcare” to “what technology is best for healthcare.” According to a study by Putzer and Park, “in 2010, 50 percent of physicians were using smartphones on a regular basis in clinical decision making.” As more advanced applications and devices are introduced, clinical providers identify the pros and cons of said advancements. However, despite flaws, and perhaps because of overwhelming benefits, smartphones use in the clinical setting is here to stay. Smartphones have proven a positive contribution to the healthcare field in the areas of communication, efficiency, and care. Disadvantages: Despite the…show more content…
The most common form of security breach is the theft of mobile devices. A recent survey of 600 U.S. hospital executives, physician organizations, health insurers, and pharmaceutical/life sciences companies found that theft accounted for 66 percent of reported data breaches over the past two years.8 Mobile devices are typically small, light and highly visible to would-be thieves looking for an opportunity to take a phone left behind in a public space. As healthcare providers priorities should not be based on how quick you can provide care to patients but how safe is the privacy and the lives of the patient, we ought to practice what is ethically right in order to bring comfort and happiness to patients. Using appropriate technology can be useful or damaging to both the patient and healthcare providers depending on how it is

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