The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Living With A Bad Roommates

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Roommates, they share your room along with many other things that you once had all to yourself. It is understandable that many incoming college students worry about who they got paired to room with. One of the most common things incoming college freshman worry about the most is getting stuck with a bad roommate (Society19). To many students, their room is their personal space and a place where they can unwind and relax after a long and stressful day without any interference from others. This all changes once they have a roommate. Now, a student 's personal space is not so personal anymore because it is also somebody else 's personal space. It is a common occurrence where students are unhappy with the person they were paired to live with. Having a bad roommate has been ranked as one of the top five reasons students give for dropping out of college (Huffington Post). A study done at the University of North Carolina has found bad roommates as one of the biggest stressors for college students (Huffington Post). College students already have enough stress due to classes, financial troubles, and having to live without parents. Add a bad roommate to the mix and that creates more…show more content…
Student 's grade 's, sleep schedules, and study habits can be affected all because of the person they live with. The solution proposed will give students the opportunity to find a roommate who they can agree and get along with as well as become friends with. People with common interests will almost every time get along more than people who have little or nothing in common. The survey and interviews will let students choose what kind of roommate they want. The roommate agreement will help the two students continue to get along and live together by providing the set of rules and guidelines for each of them to adhere to. The roommate problem has been going on too long and an effective way to stop it needs to be implemented

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