The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Global Warming And Climate Change

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“ 'Well done ' is better than 'well said ',” as Mr. Benjamin Franklin once so eloquently put it. But what if it does not matter? What if too much is being said and maybe not enough is being done? Some believe that our kind has become blind to what may or may not be happening to the planet, and that is climate change. Climate change is very often referred to as “global warming”. Climate change is labeled to changes in normal cycles of Earth 's atmosphere that may very well be at the hand of human caused activities. Climate change also refers to a chemical imbalance in cycling of the carbon element. Global warming is a worldwide controversial topic that has been argued and debated on countless occasions among scientists ' top professionals. However, while others are…show more content…
The significant advantages towards the planet changing is that there would be fewer deaths and injuries to humans and animals at the hand of intensely cold weather as well as there being less of a need for energy consumption to heat cold areas. Global warming could have a positive effect on flourishing plant growth due to milder climates. The relevant disadvantages that could take place due to global warming consist of epidemic water shortages in already water scarce locations. The melting of the ice and arctic ice caps would increase flooding worldwide. Global warming has the potential to increase death and disease in human and animals from incapacitating heat waves. Because of the climate change theory, starvation, malnutrition, and increased desertification due to ascending evaporation worldwide. The biggest most obvious downfall of global change would be the extreme weather triggers including increased rain acidity, weather unpredictability and increased frequency of severely catastrophic storms. Regardless, there are pros and cons to both outcomes that will significantly change the ways of living for all of

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