The Advantages And Benefits Of Renewable Energy

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Energy Sources Energy is a source that everybody needs. Energy is necessary for movement, light, growth, to provide heat and power. Energy is classified by the different sources of energy that exist. Those sources of energy are either renewable energy or non-renewable energy. Each type of energy has different benefits and disadvantages. According with James Bratley said, “Renewable energy is a natural energy that does not have a limited supply… can be used again and again and never run out” (Bratley). One type of renewable energy is the solar energy that comes from the Sun and has a brilliant potency. The main benefit of solar energy is that it is renewable, meaning you are not going to run out of solar energy. Another benefit…show more content…
“Wind energy is the process by which the wind is used to generate mechanical power or electricity.” (“Wind Energy”) The wind energy can be used for a long time to generate energy. Wind energy is clean and renewable and has no impact to the environment. The initial cost of wind energy is high, but later it will not be necessary use gasoline. After the initial cost you will see a big reduction in cost. Another important benefit of wind energy is that it does not destroy the Ozone layer. Additional to all the benefits of wind energy are some disadvantages too. One disadvantage is that we cannot predict if we are going to have strong enough wind to move the turbine. For that reason, builders of the turbines consider locating the turbine parks close to the ocean or in the ocean because the wind energy is more strong and stable. Second, there can be a disadvantage is to the animals. The animals can see the wind turbines as an intimidation to their life. The wind turbines can also be dangerous to flying animals like birds. The wind turbines use a large extension of land and require a profound hole in the surface of the planet which could have a negative effect on the subterranean habitats. (Disadvantages of Wind Energy) Last, the wind turbines can be a safety issue for the increase of hurricanes, cyclones, and tornados all over the
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