The Advancement of Car Engines

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The Advancement of Car Engines Car engines have been drastically improved over the past eighty years that they have been produced. Car engines have made life much easier. They provide a more efficient method of traveling. People don't know how much the world has changed, due to the operation of the car engine. The car engine is a very complex piece of machinery. It consists of a series of wires and different types of parts. The car engine is constantly being improved to be more efficient and will revolutionize the future of transportation. The car engine may be improved to be more efficient. The many different car manufacturers are now developing new parts to make cars run safer for the environment and for the people who drive them. That way they decrease the fatalities of car accidents. The carburetor is being improved to use gasoline more efficiently so that the gas will run longer. The drive train is being improved so that the gears will run smoother. Cars are also being made with electric engines that run off of a battery. One of the main parts on an engine is the carburetor. The carburetor sends gasoline through a circulatory system to run the engine. It also cleanses the gasoline before it enters the engine. The air filter takes the dirt away from the gasoline as it is going through the carburetor. There are four main parts to a carburetor: The float chamber, the venturi tube, the choke valve, and the throttle valve. (Kuns 44-45) The float chamber is a small fuel storage tank in the carburetor. It receives gasoline from the fuel line. When the chamber is full, the float shuts the valve. The float will drop as the gasoline is us... ... middle of paper ... ...s will be no more, and only electric cars will be used, which is a good thing because gasoline prices are going drastically moving up. The prices are getting outrageous and the gasoline producers are doing this because they think that if the people don't buy their gasoline, the people would not be able to survive and get to work. They're wrong, because with all of this new technology they're coming out with it will revolutionize the future. Bibliography: Works Cited Kuns, Ray F. Automotive Essentials. Milwaukee: Bruce Publishing, 1966. Li, Jon. "Under the Hood." 10 Oct. 2000 >. "Autoshop-online." 10 Oct. 2000 auto101/eng.html>. "Autoshop-online." 10 Oct. 2000 auto101/fuel.html>. "Transmission." The World Book Encyclopedia: 1988.

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