The Addiction Problem Of Addiction

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Why addiction is hard to Quit 1 Addiction is one of the hardest difficulties to overcome, yet people often find themselves caught in the world wind of addiction. We all ask the question to what makes a person an addict, or why is it so hard for drug addicts to overcome this problem. However, can we say that getting a hold of drugs is much easier in today’s society, or is it made available to easily. In this day and age, heroine seems to be a major epidemic; furthermore, opiates have been around for centuries. Therefore, people have been battling addiction for as long as opiates have been around. In Drugstore Cowboy, the film takes a look into the life of four people who rob drugstores in order to support their habit; however, this lifestyle will eventually begin to take its toll on some of the members in the group. Established in Oregon in the 1970s, “Drugstore Cowboy” focuses on four characters that are addicts. The character Bob, who is played by Matt Dillon, is the leader of the group. Bob, is the one who calls all the shots; furthermore, he is always looking for his next score. In the open line of the film, it shows how this group maneuvers in robbing drugstores. Nadine, who is played by Heather Graham, creates a diversion. While the other two Dianne, played by Kelly Lynch, and Rick, played by James Le Gros, are able to work off the cues of Nadine. In order for Matt Dillon’s character to rob the pharmacy. It did not take Bob long before him and his crew were out of sight to start using. It just goes to show the lengths that a person with an addiction will go through in order to get high. The film does a great job of highlighting the key aspects of a drug addict; furthermore, the actors... ... middle of paper ... ...main sober. The life choice that Bob made was the right choice he made, yet that still did not stop Dianne from gifting him some drugs for old time’s sake. In some case the environment that we subject ourselves to can keep us from completing our goals in life. Why Addiction is Hard to Quit 4 In conclusion, Bob new that he was facing was a lifelong challenge, nor did he seem bothered by it. He knew that he would always be at the mercy of his craving, and in the end he knew that it would win. Drugstore Cowboy showed that addiction is a serious habit to quit, and how it can come in between relationships. Life situations could determine whether a person wants live a drug free life, or allow his/her addiction to have control. In the end, there is always a choice.

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