The Accomplishments Of Henry Ford

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Henry Ford There are few men or women that can boast of more achievements than Henry Ford. The modern automobile culture can be attributed to him because of his philosophy and method of manufacturing cars during an age where private transportation was a luxury. It was reserved for only the wealthiest of people. Ford learned many life lessons while he lived on his family farm. These lessons contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and pioneer in the automobile industry. From humble beginnings to a successful businessman, the contribution that Ford has made to society and to transportation itself has been tantamount as well as pervasive. Henry Ford was born on July 30, 1863 in Michigan on a farm. During his time on the farm, Ford showed his love for mechanization when he took apart a watch his father gave him and put it back together. He would fix watches and reassemble them for everyone that lived nearby. “In 1882, Henry finished his apprenticeship and was a full-fledged machinist. Westinghouse hired
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It only cost $825 at the time, and he was able to achieve that price goal because of the assembly line fashion through which the Model-T was manufactured. Every year the sales increased by over one hundred percent. As Ford pushed out bigger and bigger numbers, he aimed to make the Model-T cheaper and cheaper. He installed a moving belt for his assembly lines, and made sure that all of the parts were interchangeable. By 1916, the price of the basic touring version of the cars that Ford pushed had dropped to only $360. Ford was able to keep dropping the price of his automobiles because of advancements that he himself innovated within the assembly line. The assembly line on which his automobiles were being manufactured became more and more mechanized, thus making it cheaper and more efficient to assemble his
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