The Ability Of Free Will In The Giver By Lois Lowry

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Only you make the Choice to read this! In novel The Giver by Lois Lowry she explores many themes, but one theme in my opinion stands above the rest that is free will. With free will we can shape our futures.
Having the Ability of free will can shape the way we think. When Jonas learns the truth about being released means he chooses to escape the community with Gabriel . In the book when Jonas sees the video of his own father, killing Gabriel’s twin via lethal injection, and throws it down a garbage shoot. When the community elders decide to kill the old for living out his or her lives or babies who are not up to standard is their way of population control. For example in our world capital punishment is a debatable subject and to control the prison population. Weather to kill someone for committing a crime or letting them rot in prison for the rest of their life. Sometimes we do need to take
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One example in the book when Rosemary (The Givers daughter) chooses to be released rather than live the rest or her life knowing the truth about the world she lives in. After Rosemary’s death her memories went out in to the community this made some community members saddened and depressed. This lead to the rule that The Giver was never to be released to prevent the memories going back to the community. Another example in the movie adaptation of the Giver didn’t want to live anymore and wanted to plot against the elders along with Jonas to let the community know about the truth. In the scene where Fiona is getting her release, and The Giver asks The Chief Elder to reconsider the option to tell the truth once and for all to the community, as Jonas takes the sled and goes past the boundary of else ware to release the memories back into the community and make them all know the truth. No matter what world we live in there will always be corruption and hidden information from the public to prevent mass

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