The 9/11 Attacks

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September 11, 2001, is a date that will forever be remembered not because of the terrorists that attacked America, but for the patriots who sacrificed their lives to save hundreds of innocent people. 9/11 is an attack by Islamic hijackers. The main strike is on the World Trade Centers. There were four planes included in the invasions. They included: Flight 93, Flight 11, Flight 175, and Flight 77. After the raids America had some plans and new thoughts. During the attacks, the motives that the terrorists had were awful. I do not agree with the motives, but they had some. Like how 9/11 was not the first World Trade Center incursion (“September 11, 2001). In 1993 a truck ended up exploding in the parking garage of the World Trade Centers (“September 11, 2001”). Over 1,000 people were hurt and six died (Abbott 7-27, 30, 33-34). Al-Qaeda did a lot of intrusions towards the United States in 1992 (“September 11, 2001”). The terrorists get their money and “sponsoring” from a company made in the 1980’s (“September 11, 2001”). Osama Bin Laden in 1988 became the leader of that association (“September 11, 2001”). The hijackers were part of an Islamic terrorist group (“9/11 Attacks”). Some of the terrorists had even taken flight lessons here in America (“9/11 Attacks”). In all there were nineteen terrorists (“9/11 Attacks”). They came with box cutters and knives (“9/11 Attacks”). On one of the planes five criminals ended up going into the cockpit (Abbott 7-27, 30, 33-34). The controllers did not know why the pilot and others were not talking back (Abbott 7-27, 30, 33-34). The only way these people knew to invade was to kill (Abbott 7-27, 30, 33-34). By the time they made it to flight 93 the passengers knew about the invasions and the ones co... ... middle of paper ... ...tacks ( Americas also overthrew Taliban in Afghanistan ( These attacks made us create Homeland Security and many other security systems ( The new changes included: reason for airport security and reason for building code changes. In conclusion, September 11, 2001, will never be forgotten due to the patriots who died to save others, however; not for the terrorists who attacked America. While there were attacks by the four planes America still stands. The hijackers were cruel, but have not tried an attack like it since. Even though the majority of the planes incursions were successful, so were a majority of the rescues. America is stronger because of this attack, we are more successful now. We are even making a new tower based on the Twin Towers, however; there’s only one. The new tower is being built in Manhattan.
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