The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People By Dr. Stephen R. Covey

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In life there are many factors that compose how each of us experiences life events. Key factors in this determination are either internal (controlled by your mind) while others are external (require your internal views and paradigms to change). These factors are unknown to most, due to the lenses they view life threw. These lenses (that are taught to us since birth) are a major controlling factor in the way we see our life roles, influence, judgment, habits, and other self-talks that happen on a daily basis. While subconsciously these lenses influence how we interact with the world, we can consciously alter, demolish, or create new ones with the proper habits and realizations. Throughout ‘The 7 habits of highly effective people’ Dr. Stephen R. Covey outlines and provides the essential framework to to accomplish this and so much more with seven specific habits. Given adequate time to implement, these habits will exponentially increase effectiveness with ones self and those around them. With the superb quality of each habit its hard to choose the most beneficial. At this time I believe…show more content…
The primary sequence for learning to be proactive starts with uncovering which paradigms you are carrying around. Only then can you start adjusting the ones that are not serving the end you are looking to achieve. Being proactive is important for alleviating situations being blown out of proportion and focusing on things outside of your control. Once your paradigms are in line, you are able to understand your circle of influence. Knowing what you are able to influence will broaden your ability to influence more later. Something that aids in the effectiveness is knowing and using the difference between reactive and proactive language. The most visible proactive task one can accomplish on a weekly/daily basis is to properly schedule your proactive
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