The 5k Of Hell

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The 5K of Hell

Nerves building up in the early autumn morning of September 9th in the year of 2006 just knowing the race of hell has arrived. This morning was like no other after one year ago at the same race feeling the burn in my legs, the stitches in my sides, the energy leaving my body faster than I could finish the race. Once I had stepped on the Bellows Free Academy cross country bus I don't think I've ever wanted to get off so fast in my life but it felt like there was no end to the hour bus ride. Nerves hit me like no others have before after seeing the Harwood high school cross country course. I tried everything to loosen up listen to relaxing music, drinking cold water, stretching out but there was no stopping the harsh nerve build up. As I took my first step onto the life changing course I felt better not knowing why but as long as they are gone for the moment I was fine. We started to walk the course at a very upbeat pace my older brother kanoa started to sing which usually annoys me but on this nerve wrecking day I felt pleased with singing. There was nothing that could please me of calm me down from my greatest fear on this course as soon as I saw it I suddenly stopped sing and just walked slowly up the cliff like hill. The legendary Karigins Killer, making many great runners walk or leaving it all on the hill which I am deadly afraid of because when I started running I promised myself never to walk in a single race. Once we finished the 3.1 miles of hardcore hills it was time for the real thing twenty minutes till boy's varsity race echoed the loud quite annoying speakers. Those twenty minutes felt like 5 minutes as it flew by quickly lining up for the Harwood High school invitational men's varsity race. Shaking a few peoples hands wishing them good luck before the race was the only thing I did besides a short warm up 100 yards out and back from the starting line. The chilling silence of the start over came from the runners to the fans to the workers the starter yelled "On your Mark" paused then quickly shot a cap gun off and we were off like horses leaving the gate, like birds out of a cage, like a snake attacking its prey.

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