The 5 Best Decisions the Beatles Ever Made

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This book report is written to examine the five best decisions the Beatles ever made, and to re-introduce them as the five Beatles principles for success. I analyzed and paraphrased each chapter; then added additional supporting documentation from other references to help substantiate and collaborate the principles into a relevant business document. You need clear set guidelines to effectively establish yourself as a business leader, as well as establish yourself as a leader outside of the workplace. You will find that the Beatles principles can be applied to any business organization, or to yourself, as guidelines to achieve success in business and in life.
Spread the Spotlight
Beatles principle #1 teaches us that being a selfish glory seeker may not be the best path to achieve success. The book uses the example of a young John Lennon making the decision to partner with Paul McCartney, even though Paul’s musical talents were more developed than John’s. John could have simply ignored Paul, and continued being the center of attention in his own band. John realized early on that by spreading the spotlight, and including Paul, the two of them had a much better chance at achieving success, than John did by himself (Stainton, 2008).
“I know plenty of heroes, but I am certainly not one” (Major Dick Winters, 101st Airborne, WWII). Remaining humble, and not worrying about who receives the credit are both examples of selfless leadership. John Lennon practiced selfless leadership when he partnered with Paul McCartney in 1957. In an article for the Baltimore Business Journal, Harvey Mackay suggests that corporate organizations should function just as John Lennon and Paul McCartney did. Each organization has its acco...

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...atles principle #5 teaches us that success doesn’t come from marginal effort; we have to be willing to go the extra mile, and do whatever it takes to obtain success. Due to hard work, and practicing Beatles principles # 1 through #4, The Beatles were able to achieve more in five years that most bands have achieved in a lifetime (Stainton, 2008).
The summation of the chapter is that Beatles principle #5 is a standard progression of the other Beatles principles; that if you follow the principles, your logical outcome would be to carry that weight.
In conclusion, I believe The Beatles principles are excellent guidelines to both professional and personal success. The principles teach teamwork, strategic vision, self motivation, perseverance, and hard work. Any person or organization that follows these principles should be literally tripping over success.
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