The 30s

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I'm doing a report over the dust bowl and how it affected the people in 1930's and lasted for about a decade, the dust bowl had a harsh impact on the people and how it affected and also how they treated their environment when the dust storms began to happen this effect is also due to the dirty thirties, the crisis in the valley,and the harvest gypsies, and how the people had dust to eat dust to breathe and dust to drink, there were a lot of different reasons and causes of the dust bowl but but I will be talking about only those four.
The dirty thirties was on of the most harshest aspects of the dust bowl at one time it was recorded to carry in about 350 million pounds of dirt while the people were getting unemployed it was mostly guys that got unemployed and they were all lining up in a line for free coffee and free doughnuts because they had no money to pay for anything all of the droughts and dust often made the headlines in the newspaper also one of the most popular slogans were “if you can't fight, farm” the government even guaranteed farmers $2 for every bushel the wheat price...
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