The 2050 Summer Olympics Analysis

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The 2050 Summer Olympics are quickly approaching. Dan from Chicago has dreamed of making it to the Olympics since he was very young. Through his adolescent years, Dan struggled with obesity. He would try diets and workout plans but nothing would really work for him. Even though Dan is overweight, he still has the ability to run faster than all the other kids. All he wants to do in life is go to the Olympics. He believes that is his calling. When he tells people about his plans to become an Olympic athlete, often people say, "You 're way too big to be an Olympic sprinter," or "You don 't look like someone who would be in the Olympics." Dan starts to think to himself, "I might actually be too fat for this." Doubt creeps into his mind. He begins…show more content…
They go to the video and after along time of examining the video it was Dave who won the race by a 1/100 of a second. This race was a crucial race for Dan as the winner of this race earned a spot in the Olympics. However, between the qualifying race and the Olympics, Dave tears his hamstring during his intense training. In a shocking turn of events, Dave was declared unable to run leaving there one spot open to a sprinter. One day Dan gets a call from the Olympic organization and it offered a card to compete in the 2050 summer Olympics in the spot of Dave. Dan excitedly accepts the offer and is off to Olympics. He and Reggie are in awe and can 't believe it. Even though it wasn 't in the way they imagined, they accomplished their goal of getting to the Olympics. Now that he is there he wants to make the most of his situation and take home the gold. Butterflies in his stomach he get set in lane 8, sweating profusely. When he hears the gun go off, right in that moment he begins to think of all the hard work he put into to get where he is. He remember the size he used to be, along with the pool drill of holding his breath. He didn’t forget how eagerly he searched for air when he was sprinting in Denver. With all this in mind he opened his eyes and saw himself 10m away from the finish

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