The 2011 Libyan Protests

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Protesters at the University of Illinois, along with protesters from all over the nation, have gathered to demand justice be brought to the Libyan people. As of recent, chaos within the Libyan people has broken out in anger over government dictator Moammar al-Gadhafi. Gadhafi’s attempts to stop the riots have caused an energy crisis. This energy crisis is threatening the United States already damaged economy. The students on campus feel that Gadhafi should step down as President of Libya, but without U.S. intervention, the violence in Libya and the downfall of the US economy may continue. Therefore, President Obama should intervene to help bring justice back to the Libyan people and prevent any more damage on the US economy.

Thursday February 24th at 1:30pm, I witnessed students of the University of Illinois assembled together, protesting the violence occurring in Libya. Graduate student, Fatemah Hermes led the protesters in chants directed toward Libyan leader Moammar al-Gadhafi. Protesters claim that the actions being taken by Gadhafi are unethical. Gadhafi is bombing his own cities and destroying Libyan oil refineries, killing hundreds to possible thousands of Libyan citizens (Hermes). The main focus is happening between Libya’s capital Tripoli and second largest city Benghazi. Other rally members agree that it is the job of President Barack Obama to step in and help these poor citizens from the tyranny of Gadhafi.

According to OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries), Libya is the fourth largest oil producing country (OPEC). However, due to the recent bombings and violent riots that have broken out, Libyan oil production has come to a halt. The lack of oil production has put not only Libya’s economy in disa...

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...ation put in to resolve the problem. However, two new questions arise after doing research. First, what option is Obama going to take in helping the Libyan people? Secondly, what would happen if Obama let the conflict resolve itself, would it hurt the US economy?

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In this essay, the author

  • Opines that president obama should intervene to bring justice to the libyan people and prevent any further damage on the us economy.
  • Describes how students of the university of illinois protested against libyan leader moammar al-gadhafi's bombing of tripoli and benghazi.
  • Explains that libya is the fourth largest oil producing country according to opec. the lack of oil production has put libya's economy in disarray, and the united states' economy.
  • Opines that the united states has had some economic problems in the last couple of years, including the rampant increases in unemployment and the failed bailout projects.
  • Explains that obama had his staff look into every possible action to stop the riots and force gadhafi to resign as leader of libya.
  • Opines that obama's second option would require the cooperation of all the european countries, since gadhafi has been known to take his family to other countries for vacation and business.
  • Explains that obama's third option was to push for a no-fly zone to be placed over libya. this would solve two problems at once: ground military aircraft from strafing protesters and prevent more pro-gadhafi mercenaries from being airlifted from neighboring african countries.
  • Explains that obama's military defense team discussed direct military pressure against gadhafi’s army. the only obama would result in such means would be if ally european nations assisted.
  • Explains that the fifth and sixth options are similar in that they are both plans to condemn libya; the only difference is how to do it.
  • Argues that skeptics of the situation would oppose obama's intervention with libya. they would argue that the united states does not need to get involved in any more international conflict because it should worry about domestic issues first.
  • Argues that the libyan problem will resolve itself as it did with the recent riots in egypt. the united states cannot take the risk of waiting because of the spike in the cost of energy.
  • Opines that after thorough research, the obama administration has to take action in solving the conflict in libya. the university of illinois student protesters are right to demand action to bring justice back to the libyan people.
  • Cites hermes, fatemah, organization for the petroleum exporting countries and rich, motoko, and catherine rampell.
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