The 2000 Presidential Election

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Democratic candidate Al Gore and Republican candidate George W. Bush have been in a too-close-to-call race for the presidency since the campaigning began. With the distinct differences of the candidates how could this be? Al Gore's position on the major issues, political experience, knowledge and America's economic growth and prosperous state in the last eight years should have the given Gore the winning votes. However, in Gore's campaign he focused largely on changing the qualities viewed by the public as negative to a positive view. He attempted to alter the perception of a stiff robot-like individual to a likeable guy, while George W. Bush tried to appear knowledgeable. The Gore campaign did not adequately portray the existing positive qualities to the American public, leaving the seat to the most likable candidate, as Charles McKain of San Diego states, "the differences between Gore and Bush will fade and people simply will reject Gore because the Texas Governor appears just eminently more likable." (Los Angeles Times)

The Gore campaign failed to make the issues the heart of the campaign. During the campaigning and debates the American public heard on many occasions "there is no difference" or "I agree with …" on the issues from both Al Gore and George Bush. The fact is that on many issues there are very clear and distinct differences between the candidates. Al Gore opposes a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion while George Bush supports a constitutional amendment to outlaw abortion. Al Gore supports the Employee Non- Discrimination Act and tougher hate crime legislation while George Bush opposes both. Al Gore supports the Kyoto global warming agreement and Bush opposes it. George Bush supports...

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...third debate contributed to Gore success. Al Gore won the popular vote defiantly but is missing the 270 electoral votes because of Florida. Bush has been certified the winner in Florida by 537 votes, making him the president elect. However, the Gore campaign in currently contesting Florida's votes and has requested a manual recount due to the irregularities and large number of ballots that were not counted. The legal battle may take some time but hopefully Gore will prevail and a full recount will be granted and Gore elected president. In Election 2000 the winning factor of the Presidency does not lie in the campaign strategies but with the legal strategy in our court system. The winning of the popular vote was a great accomplishment and hopefully within the next few weeks, Gore's legal team will be able to make the next great accomplishment in the courts.
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