The 1960’s: A Decade of Change

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The 1960’s: Decade of Change

There is many decades that people would call the Decade of change but the 1960’s is the decade that changed the most. The 60’s was a very crazy and wild time because of the historical events that happened. Everyone was starting to experiment with LSD and Other kinds of drugs. There was also a huge surge of musical history that had happened in the 60’s that changed the History of music forever. The 60’s is what I like to call the best decade in history. The 60’s is the decade of change because of the political, technological, and Musical advances that happened in America. The music industry went from poor to the number one hit in America. The technology went from nothing to systems that would change the world, and last but not least America went from a place where blacks were not accepted to everyone getting along. It is crazy to see how the 60’s changed the history of America.

The first reason why the 1960’s is the decade of change is because of the political history. Some major political events included in the 60's, the decade of change is the civil rights movement, space race, and the Bay of Pigs. In the 1900's there was allot of bad stuff happening between blacks and whites. When the civil rights movement was passed it made major changes in the 1960's. The civil rights "movement began peacefully, with Martin Luther King and Stokely Carmichael leading sit-ins and peaceful protests, joined by whites, particularly Jews. Malcolm X preached about Black Nationalism. After his assassination, the Black Panthers were formed to continue his mission. In 1965, the Watts riots broke out in Los Angeles. The term "blacks" became socially acceptable, replacing Negroes"(Goodwin 4). MLK or Martin Luther King w...

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