The 1930's

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The 1930's

The decade of the 1930’s can be characterized in two parts: The Great Depression, and the restoration of the American economy. America had been completely destroyed due to the Stock Market Crash of 1929. It was up to the government and people of the 1930’s to "mend" America’s wounds. One man stood up to this challenge, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He promised to fix the American economy, provide jobs, and help the needy. During The Great Depression, the crime rate had risen to an all new high. J. Edgar Hoover helped to create the Federal Bureau of Investigation. As America was restored, culture grew quickly. Dance clubs, new music styles, glamour girls, movies and sports were all popular forms of entertainment in the 1930’s. From January 1st, 1930 to December 31st 1939, American was in a process of healing it’s economic wounds.

The stock market panic preceded an economic depression that not only spread over the United States but in the early 1930s became worldwide. In the United States, despite the optimistic statements of President Herbert Hoover (president during the crash) and his secretary of the treasury, Andrew W. Mellon, that business was "fundamentally sound" and that a new era of prosperity was just about to begin, many factories closed, unemployment steadily increased, banks failed in growing numbers, and the prices of commodities steadily fell. The administration began to take steps to combat the crisis. Among the measures taken were the granting of emergency appropriations for farm relief and public works, modification of the rules of the Federal Reserve System to make it easier for people in business and farming to obtain credit, and the establishment of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (R...

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...dle skyscraper set beside a huge sphere), were erected as architectural symbols. The perisphere enclosed a large model of a future city. More than 57 million persons attended the fair during its two seasons. Many companies gained their fame at the World’s Fair. General Electric, Warner Brothers, Maytag and more all showed off their new products, quickly ushering back in the mass consumerism that controls America.

All in all, the 1930’s was both a dark time, and a great time in America’s history. American’s dragged themselves through The Great Depression with the aid of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The rise of the FBI helped to keep crime at an all time low. Radio, film, dancing, and sports all grew to be popular American pastimes. American fell into the worst situation it has ever been in, and single handily "Pulled themselves up from their boot straps".

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