The 1820 Missouri Compromise

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The 1820 Missouri Compromise

Slavery and the Civil War

Research Task- Describe the role of the 1820 Missouri Compromise in the campaign against slavery!

The 1820 Missouri Compromise played a large role in the campaign against slavery. In 1819 Missouri became a statehood and congress considered framing a state constitution, with this a representative attempted to add a anti-slavery legislation with it. This is what started the process of the campaign against slavery. Henry Clay made a large contribution toward this compromise in 1820, with his new ideas on how to settle the conflict between the North and the South, which lasted until 1954.All the compromise’s made from 1820's to the Kansas Nebraska compromise in 1854, were all factors which led to the civil war.

The state constitution in 1819, was what began of this compromise when James Tallmadge, a representative from New York attempted to add a anti- slavery amendment to the legislation. This gave a ugly and conflicted debate over slavery and the governments rights to restrict slavery. This Tallmadge amendment restricted all further introduction of slaves into Missouri and provided setting free once they reached the age of 25.This legislation was not passed, as the House of Representatives which was controlled by the North passed the idea, but it failed in the Senate which was equally divided between the North and the South. Although the legislation didn’t pass it led to Henry Clay taking it on when Maine became a free state.

When Maine became a free state, the plan was largely that of Henry Clay who became known as the ‘Great Compromiser.’ Before there was a Compromise, there was a lot of controversy as there was always a equal amount of free states and slaves states since 1789, if Maine was to become a free state (which was highly unavoidable as slaves started to migrate into Missouri and the West of Mississippi), there became a unbalance. This issue was resolved through a two-part compromise, the northern part of Massachuset became known as Maine and was made a free state, at the same time Missouri was a slave state which would once again maintain a balance of 12 slave and 12 free states. In addition to this, a line was drawn at 36 degrees 30 minutes North latitude, and any sections of Louisiana territory lying North of the compromise would be free. This act also pr...

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...ving twice been a resident on Free soil. The lower court and the Missouri Supreme Court ruled against him; and the case went to the US Supreme Court. The Chief Justice Rodger Taney declared that the Missouri Compromise, was unconstitutional and the congress didn’t have the power. The issue of slavery, once again, made war sound as if it couldn’t be avoided.

The 1820 Missouri Compromise was known as highly dangerous and conflicting as it was trying to keep an equal balance of Free and slave-holding states between the North and the South, although the compromise did play a vital role in withholding the peace between the North and the South until the new compromise in 1854 came about. The Missouri compromise was said that it with held the Civil War for over three decades and it played a vital role in the start of the abolition of slavery in America.


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