The 12th and 15th Amendments

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Since the founding of the United States on July 4th, 1776, we have had two guiding documents. First the Articles of Confederation and second the United States Constitution. The articles failed so the Constitution of the United States was made in place of them. The US needed the constitution to set up guidelines and rules for the government. In the constitution there is a clause the mentions amendments being ratified if the need arises. There have been 27 amendments to the document. The 27 amendments touch upon the bits and pieces the original form of the constitution missed. The first ten of the 27 amendments are called the bill of rights. They grantee the basic rights of the citizens such as the freedom of speech. Amendment 12 has to do with voting process and the electoral collage, while amendment 15 is related to amendment 12 and has to do with voting rights. Both of these amendments still greatly effect the way the government is run and helped form our country to what it is today. #the 12th amendment sets up and regulates the electoral collage. This amendment was proposed on December 9th, 1803 and was ratified 6 months later, on June 15th, 1804. The electoral collage is a part of the voting system we use today. The electoral collage is different then popular vote. In popular vote the winner is chosen by the person who gets the most votes. There is a limit on the amount of candidates allowed. There can only be a max of 3 candidates for president. In the electoral collage system each state gets a certain amount of votes based on the population of the state. The citizens of the state then vote for who they want their state representative to vote for. Then once all the votes are counted, the candidate with the most votes... ... middle of paper ... ... Works Cited Zacharias, Jared, Amendment XII: Presidential election Process (Detroit, MI: Greenhaven Press, c2009) The right to vote: politics and the passage of the 15th amendment (Baltimore, MD: John Hopkens Press, c1965) Craig Walenta, “US constitution - amendment 12,” Craig Walenta (accessed November 4, 2013) Craig Walenta, “US constitution - amendment 15,” Craig Walenta (Accessed November 4, 2013) Norman Buchwald, “summary of the Bush/Gore Dispute in the US presidential election, 2000” (Accessed November 10, 2013) Craig Walenta, “US constitution - amendment 20,” Craig Walenta (Accessed November 10, 2013)
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