That Which is Accepted as Knowledge Today is Sometimes Discarded Tomorrow

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Knowledge is a type of belief, and that it is belief in something true, but the other requirements for knowledge to be held are a topic of philosophical debate. It is a system of facts, information and skills that is acquired by an individual through experiences or education in a particular subject which refer our best understanding at a particular time. However, knowledge is not concrete – it can be an alternation in information that is constantly updated and improved. With more information and research and evidences provided, our understanding and comprehension of the world around us can be manipulated. This can be relate to paradigm shifts. Paradigm shift is the significant chance of one’s perspective of view on a given claim. This is often due to the presentation of newly and updated facts that correspond with previously proven theories and laws. Knowledge is often known to be an accepted truth as well. However much of what we claim today as knowledge is through discoveries and inventions. Therefore our knowledge can be changed and discarded over time. As we are living in the period of modernization, it can be affected by new the technology and ideas. How do what we already know affect what we choose to believe and accept as knowledge in future? The things that we learn and know from the past changes the way we view the world around us. They form a mental mind map of which we can use in order to shape what we accept to be the real world. Something that we’ve already created an option can lead people to believe one thing that over another depending on how the idea relates to original opinion and whether it confirms are denies what people have accepted the truth. Knowledge may involve, so what established knowledge in one era m... ... middle of paper ... ...the western civilization. Though Chou and Nixon did conversation about events in France, Nixon’s question referred to the Revolution of 1789, Chou’s reply referred to les évenéments of 1968. It was published in August 2011 many years after this happened. Both piece of evidence support above supports that what we believed in the past has turned false. To sum up; knowledge is being used to refer whatever collection of beliefs, hypothesis, theories, propositions or conjectures prevail in a community. It is accepted to be definitive truth until it is disproven otherwise. This is seen in many scientific theories, or in the historical beliefs. However a counterclaim may include the question of whether or not we are in knowledge progressing or regressing? It is known to us as human beings as the direction of which we are searching to unveil truths are always changing.
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