That Day Jessie Died

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Death, violence, and love were the three main components of my life. The love of money, cars, clothes, sex, and girls was what I lived for. But the love of attention cost me everything. The love to be in the “spotlight” and the love to have everything I wanted, everything that I thought I needed. But that is what cost me everything. The attention, the sex, the money, the cars, all of these things brought upon the violence and the deaths. These “loves” cost me the one person that I ever truly loved the most and the best out of everything. I have always been book smart. I got all A’s and B’s through all of school and never really went anywhere after school. My mother was kind of strict and did not want me to hang around the kids at my school and neighborhoods because they were just “no good” she would always say. She worked her ass off day and night to provide a good life for me. Since my father was not in my life she wanted to be able to give me everything I ever wanted and needed and she did just that. My mother went to school, while still working and taking care of me. So she just tried her best by me. I was her only son so she was a little more protective than most parents. Even though I never really talked to no one, everybody knew me regardless in school and in my neighborhood. But I did not have someone I could truly call my friend, I only had acquaintances. Not until Deshawn Johnson came along. It was the first month of my ninth grade year and I was sitting in my English class. Deshawn walked in and gave the teacher a piece of paper. She directed him where to sit, which was at my table. He had a hard, mean-looking face, dark eyes, and a mustache and beard. Simply put, he looked like a grown man. ... ... middle of paper ... ... turned around instantly and she was laying on the ground, covered in her blood. When I looked up Raphael was gone. That day Jessie died. I felt my life was over, I never recovered from it and I never will because I feel like it was my fault she died. Raphael was later found and put away for life. I got out the drug game, got a real job, and stopped dealing with weed all together I do not even smoke it anymore. I lost the one person I loved the most over something that was not even worth it. So I had to cut all ties with almost everything that reminded me of her. I am still friends with Deshawn, Arthur, Sam, and Rio but I do not really talk to them like that. A very, very long story short I lost all that I loved from the things that I thought I loved; from things that were not really important from the beginning and definitely did not matter in the end.
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