Thanksgiving Halloween In Fall

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208 words

What is your favorite season? Mine is Fall!!! I like Fall because of Thanksgiving, Halloween, and in Fall the leaves fall! First of all, Thanksgiving is in fall. At Thanksgiving you get lots and lots of food! You get to spend lots of time with your family! And you get to give thanks to all of the things that happened to you throughout the year! Then there’s Halloween in Fall! When Halloween comes around you get lots and lots of candy when you go trick-or-treating with your friends and family! You get to dress up in costumes like a football player, a zombie, a vampire, a bunny, or even a teenage mutant ninja turtles! After you go trick-or-treating you can play games with your candy that you got, watch movies, or go trunk-or-treating! (So Fun!)

In this essay, the author

  • Opines that fall is their favorite season because of thanksgiving, halloween, and the leaves fall.
  • Explains that fall makes you happier because of all the pretty colors. with all those pretty leaves you can make crafts like a scarecrow costume, or
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