Thanksgiving Baskets Research Paper

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283 words

Every year the Future Business Leaders of America group in my school organizes Thanksgiving baskets that are provided to families within the community who are in need and who otherwise would be without a Thanksgiving dinner. Serving as secretary of the club my junior and senior years I have had the honor of being directly involved with the making and handing out of the baskets. I organize the gathering of the goods and donations for the turkeys and gift cards that are provided within the baskets. These two years I have had the chance of personally handing the baskets to the families who are receiving them. When handing the out the baskets I see how thankful the families are for all of the hard work that I put into the baskets. The experience

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  • Explains that the future business leaders of america group in their school organizes thanksgiving baskets that are provided to families who would otherwise be without a thanksgiving dinner.
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