Thanksgiving: A Day Of Celebration Or Mourning?

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Thanksgiving: A Day of celebration or mourning? Thanksgiving Day is the national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States of America and many other nations of the world with a lots of joy and enthusiasm. In America, it is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday of the November month. This day is commonly celebrated to thank the God for the “bounty of autumn harvest” and for his blessings; with an euphoric environment in every houses and places, celebration of this day is done by eating delicious foods mainly “carved turkeys, Pumpkin Pie, Corns, Cranberry Sauce, potatoes and yams which are the traditional dishes adorning the dinner tables” (Smith). In this day, gifts are also given to show gratitude and respect towards the elders, relatives and friends. While many Americans are celebrating the Thanksgiving Day, there are…show more content…
There are various stories that tell us about the first Thanksgiving feast between Indians and the pilgrims from where this celebration started. But, this story is not true at all as maximum of the people are unknown about the real story behind this day. In reality, large number of Native Americans were killed from the war and diseases brought by the first American settlers from Europe due to which they do not celebrate Thanksgiving day, rather they mourn for their ancestors. So, Thanksgiving Day should be celebrated as the Day of Mourning to remember the Native ancestors who suffered from the brutality of the pilgrims or Europeans settlers. The following facts are some of the reasons that explain why Native Americans and also we should call Thanksgiving Day as the Day of Mourning. There are various myths related with the Thanksgiving Day that have been told until now from child and adult to everyone and also, it is necessary to know about the real fact behind these myths. One of the myths is it is believed and told that the first thanksgiving occurred in 1621 between

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