Thai Ways, by Denis Segaller

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Thai Ways Kacey Abbott University of Utah PRT 3610 11/22/2013 The book that I chose to review is Thai Ways. The book is written by Denis Segaller and he is the main character to the book. The book is written from his point of view and it is all about his experiences while living in Thailand. Denis Segaller was born in London, England in 1915. He studied at London University and earned his B.S. degree in physics. He later found his calling in making documentary films. During World War II he made films on radar for the British government. Starting in 1945 Segaller produced documentaries, educational, and scientific films for the Shell Film Unit in London. Segaller’s first visit to Thailand was in 1965 when he traveled there as a film consultant. He became very fond of the country and eventually made Bangkok he permanent home. (Denis Segaller, n.d.) Nine years later, at the age of 59, he switched to journalism and became one of Thailand's best-known writer in the English language. "Thai Ways", his regular weekly column, has been running in the Bangkok World since August 1975. It aims to give Westerners some insight into the people of Thailand, how they live, and how they react to life's varied situations - as seen through the eyes of an Englishman. Denis is now a staff writer and sub-editor at the Bangkok Post and Bangkok World. He became a Buddhist, spent a month in the monkhood in a temple just outside Bangkok, and meditates regularly every day. This book is broken into sections of the differences between Thai culture and western culture. The sections are given heading such as Royalty and Nobility, Festivals, and Beliefs and Superstitions. This book was very interesting for me, it provided me a lot of insight on how d... ... middle of paper ... ideals. Although the book is a bit out of date most of the stories are still relevant to Thai culture. There will obviously be some differences to modernization but the rural areas will especially stay near the same. I have been interested in traveling to Thailand for a while now and I’m glad that I was able to read and review this book. It makes Thailand sound like a great place like I have heard from many friends who have traveled there. Who knows maybe I will end up living there as Segaller did. References Cantatore, S. Q. (2005). Culturosity. Retrieved from Where Growing Minds Go Global...: Denis Segaller. (n.d.). Retrieved from Shelfari: Fuoco, K. (2012, July 16). Top 10 Ways to Deal With Culture Shock. Pelton, R. Y. (2005, August). One-Man Show. National Geographic Adventure.

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