Thai History and Political Paranoia

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The question as to what dictates the relationships and conflicts between the different political parties in Thailand is an intriguing one. While some may believe that the underlying influence is ambition, there is more substance to the argument that it is in fact political principles, personal loyalty, family alliance and, most importantly, political paranoia, which dictate Thai politics. The paranoia arises from a mutual distrust and fear that a fellow Thai member of the resistance may have some hidden agenda that is incompatible and in conflict with their own. This sense of paranoia is apparent in both the way in which Pramoj was hesitant to accept Kunjara and the way the American Free Thais and pro-constitution NLM were suspicious of the Prince Subha-Svasti-led FSM and their potential motive to return Thailand to an absolute monarchy system. At a glance, Prince Subha Svasti as a natural leader for the Free Siamese movement and one that facilitated the emergence of the movement in the UK. A true patriot, he was quick to oppose the Japanese when they invaded Thailand and attacked th...

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