Texting in Society

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As the popularity of cellphones are growing, text messaging is also becoming more common within society. With the creation of new technology such as smart phones, texting has become a popular communication tool that has made life more convenient. However, with text messaging it has decreased other forms of communication such as, calling and having face-to-face conversations. During the appropriate timing, the ability to communicate in any possible forms is vital. Without those skills to engage in a conversation besides text messaging, it may be difficult to create new relationships in a business setting or personal relationships depending on the situation (Irvine). In addition to decreasing the amount of communication between others, texting has created other problems that have taken an effect on many drivers. Another issue texting has led to, is texting while driving. This issue has caused drivers to be less cautious while driving and paying more attention to their phone, which could lead to injuries, accidents, severe medical conditions, and death. In a conducted survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project, 73% of American adults send and receive text messages in 2011. For young adults between the ages of 18 to 24, 109.5 messages are being sent on average, which is about 3,285 texts per month (Smith). However, it is possible that others may exceed or not exceed this average due to their personal preference. Overall, texting can have a positive and negative effect on society.
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