Texting at the Table

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May 2, 2012, was a day that turned my dreams into nightmares. This day started off just like any other day. However, a moment of this day scarred me and I will never forget the reason why. While eating dinner with my mom, dad, and three brothers I received a text message from my friend Matt. I can still see the message, 6:23 PM “Hey Dom, what’s up?” I smoothly went to respond to this text with my phone under the table, or so I thought. While texting under the table my phone slipped and smacked the hard, cold, tile floor. All eyes darted in my direction and I awkwardly stared at my lap. I bent over to pick up the phone and saw that the screen had shattered into a million pieces. The emotions I felt at that moment are inexpressible. As are the emotions my parents had towards me after dropping my phone. To make matters worse I did not even get to finish eating my dinner and I was really hungry. After hearing the lecture of how disappointed and mad my parents were at me for texting at the table I decided to just go to bed. Quickly I got ready for bed and got comfortable and ready to receive the rest I would need to be ready for the usual events that I would wake up to in the morning. However, the night that I had was anything but normal. 3:33 AM, I woke up to use the bathroom. I slowly dragged my body out of my bed and did a zombie like walk to the bathroom. I went to turn left and soon realized there were no doors, walls, or even a house. I was on a glass like floor and saw nothing but blackness. However, I did not panic; I continued to wander the glass area until I came across a dim light that appeared to be a power symbol. I gawked at the button for a few seconds and then decided to stand on it. Nothing happened. I began to ju... ... middle of paper ... ...o my back and quickly flung the hammer right in between Telefon’s eyes. A crack went right down the center of his screen and he began to stumble. After a few steps he tipped over and landed on his back. Telefon was dead for now. Martin gave me the thumbs up from where he was watching. Sadly, we both knew that Telefon would heal and be back again for other sinners. I gave Martin a wave and dove into Telefon’s mouth. What happened when I jumped through his mouth is unexplainable. All I remember is opening my eyes from blinking and being back at the dinner table on May 2, 2012. I was brought back in time and we were eating dinner once again and my phone vibrated in my pocket. I went to reach for my phone, but I stopped myself. I now knew better due to my experience in Telefon Helvede. I pulled my hand out of my pocket and began conversing with the rest of my family.
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