Texting and driving and drinking and driving

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Compare and Contrast Both Drinking and driving and Texting and driving are a very large problem in modern society. They both become a distraction to the factors needed to drive a vehicle. Each dangerous tactic has their own characteristics that make them same and different to each other. Out of the two i looked at texting and driving cme to be more dangerous than drinking and driving. So why is texting and driving worse than drinking and driving? Texting and driving and drinking and driving are very similar because each of them can take a person's focus off of what the driver is supposed to be doing. The dangers of both texting and driving and drinking and driving are the same, because they can make the driver not aware and can injure or even kill another driver or pedestrian. Texting and driving and drinking and driving can each in their own way can slow a response when it comes to reaction time. With drinking and driving the general response time is messed up when the alcohol affects the brain and messes with the five senses. The ways that vision is affected of both is that with drinking and driving the sights seen through the person's eyes are slurred and blurry. But with texting and driving the driver is just basically trusting their peripheral vision to keep themselves aware. With both texting and driving and drinking and driving the dangers are close together. Both unwise choices can either cause a lot of damage to the car, to themselves, or others. The consequences for both texting and driving or drinking and driving are almost the same but some punishments are different. There are some very big differences between texting and driving and drinking and driving too. The first i am going to analyze is drunk driving. D... ... middle of paper ... ...rinking and driving, and if caught doing so there are severe consequences. Second, some states had made texting and driving illegal but other states still allow texting and driving. People who get caught get punished so that they learn their lesson and never do what they did again. Police officers are also on patrol at all times to look for suspicious drivers. Also, police officers pull over drivers who get caught and arrest the driver if they are drunk, Lastly to prevent any more trouble a solution is to either impound the drivers car or even suspend the driver's license. Both drinking and driving and texting and driving are hazardous and can be very dangerous. They have the potential to hurt the driver, a passenger, and to hurt others besides the driver. The big problem is that both subjects take the attention away from a driver and can cause major problems.

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