Texted Driving: Solution To The Issue Of Texting And Driving

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Introduction It is well known to the public that drinking alcohol and driving is a very dangerous combination. An equally dangerous pairing that not many people know about is mobile devices and driving. With the popularity of social media and texting, distracted driving has become a bigger concern than ever before. Statistics show that cell phone users have a tough time staying away from their devices during driving. 171 billion text messages traveled from phone to phone in December of 2012 alone (“Distracted”). Cell phone distraction is a big problem for everyone on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had a reported in 2012 that of all fatal crashes that year, 18 percent were attributed to distracted driving. Out of the distracted driving accidents in that year, 3,328 people were killed and 421,000 people were injured (“Dangers”). These numbers are unacceptable and something needs to be done to prevent further casualties and injuries. Solutions to this epidemic range from changing the technology of the phone to making texting while driving illegal. To solve the issue of distracted driving via cell phones, steps must be taken to ensure that more people know about…show more content…
Public service announcements need to be made to let the public know how bad texting while driving is. With more public awareness, the issue can be dealt with. This problem is not something that can be solved overnight. It will take years until its effects are seen on a large scale. In driving classes, there needs to be a bigger emphasis put on distracted driving. New teenage drivers need to learn the dangers of texting and driving. Young drivers should be fully aware of the dangers involved in using cell phones while driving an automobile. In addition, traffic schools should enforce the same

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