Text Painting Analysis

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Text painting also known as word painting in vocal music, musical representation of individual words and textual images. For example, the use of high pitches for words like “sky” low pitches for words like deep, and ascending pitches for “rise.” Also, a minor key may describe a said event. The major key will describe a happy and joyful. Text painting was used in madrigals, renaissance and Baroque periods. Two songs I used as examples are “As Vesta was from Latmos hill descending” and Justin Timberlake’s “What goes around”. These two examples, expresses a form of word painting. Both songs you can the descending and ascending pitches.
During the renaissance period vocal music was popular than instrumental music. Many if not all composers wrote “text” to show emotions and meaning in music. Their music expresses weeping, heartbreak, sad, death, pain etc. Text painting is the main reason why many artists today utilize their expression and emotions in music. Text paining techniques was utilized in the renaissance and baroque periods. Renaissance period their techniques was to developed lyrics for listeners to understand music such as using words, phrases and poetic images. Baroque text painting technique was to bring Opera emotion to their audience to show their expressions.
In addition, text painting technique originated in the madrigal period. After the renaissance period, Baroque expanded the text painting technique. It was used in opera aria often. This technique engaged the audience to really good show because of characters, primarily the soloist of their emotions.

Thomas Weekles a great English and organist and composer. He’s was one of the most important composer during madrigals. A music piece I choose “As Vesta was from ...

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... in the song paints a picture about his previous relationship. Either he was cheated on or vice versa. Thus, it mean what goes around, comes around meaning if you do wrong then the consequences are it’s going to come back to hurt you (karma).
Text painting is useful to understand the composers through communication for us listeners. Many artists are using some type form of text painting. I believe it evolve just as much music evolved. There is a difference of text painting between the two songs I chose. Listen to as Vesta was from latmos hill descending was amazingly dramatic compare to Justin Timberlake “What goes around.” song. Some people may not agree with text painting but allows the audience to engage into the music. I thinks it interesting to hear the dramatic change in pitches. The composers is an effective way to express their feelings in text painting.
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