Texas Westward Expansion

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In the 1800s the United States began expanding West. It was known as an impressive accomplishment and one of the best things that occurred. America would be very different if our ancestors did not move west. The United States expanded because of the belief “Manifest Destiny.” Many activists and people thought it was their duty to expand west conquering the entire country. God had told them to move west spreading democracy and that this was what they were born for. Nevertheless, they did not think regarding what may happen because of this westward expansion. Many Native Americans were killed and poorly treated because of the expansion. Moreover, Texas was added to the United States, which also caused death, but also increased the tension between…show more content…
which helped them with their westward expansion, but the annexation of Texas caused a lot of deaths and some tensions between abolitionist. Colonel Juan Seguin announced in 1837, “These remains which we have the honor of carrying on our shoulders are those of the brave heroes who died in the Alamo” during the “Defenders' Burial Speech”, commemorating their deaths. In addition, he states people “preferred to die a thousand times rather than submit themselves to the tyrant's yoke.” In the quote Colonel Juan Seguin is honoring the many of those who passed during battle. In other words, people could not stand the tranny government and were willing to fight to the death. This source was created after the Texas war and commemorating the deaths of people who fought in the war. Benjamin Lundy from The War of Texas stated “ … main goal of this war—led by the slaveholders of this country.” Abolitionist believed that the true motive behind adding Texas to the U.S. to have more slave states. They thought that slave owners and pro-slavery activist panned to expand slave trade by adding Texas to the United States. As a result, it caused tensions between slavery believers and abolitionist. The document was created after the War of Texas and Texas was annexed to the United States. These documents are similar because they created after the War of Texas. The first document is a speech which mostly talks about honoring the death and that people fought for liberty while the pamphlet or second document says it was annexed to be added as slave land. They both show that adding Texas helped the U.S. expand created problems. It caused many deaths or destruction and created more tension between people in the
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