Texas Politics

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Texas Politics Each one of us, as a citizen of Texas and of the United States of America, has certain responsibilities and tasks to accomplish. Included in such tasks are the roles we are given and those we choose: the role of a father, an aunt, a doctor, or an elected official. In the role of an elected official, one has minimum standards of conduct and performance to adhere to--they are the basis of what one is judged by when it comes down to election time. Texas State Representative One of the Texas state representatives is Roberto Gutierrez. Gutierrez represents district 41 in the state of Texas. This district consists of the southwest portion of Hidalgo count, representing such cities as McAllen, Mission, and Pharr. Gutierrez has been a state representative since January, 1991. He was born and raised in Mission, Texas and has spent a large part of his life living in the Rio Grande Valley. He attended the University of Texas Pan-American. Before being elected as a state representative, Gutierrez was a secondary school teacher. As a state representative, Gutierrez serves on the Committees of Apportionment, Local and Consent Calenders, and Public Safety. U.S. Representative One of the United States representatives from Texas is Ruben Hinojosa. Hinojosa, representative for Texas'15th district, has been in office since 1996. He was born in Edcouch, Texas and lives in Mercedes, TX. Hinojosa received his BBA from the University of Texas at Austin and his MBA from the University of Texas-- Pan American. Before being elected as a representative, he worked at the Chief Financial Officer of H&H Foods, his family's business. As United States Representative from Texas, Hinojosa has served on the Small Business Committee, and the Com... ... middle of paper ... ...ez earns $7,200 per year. Hinojosa, also a Hispanic representative, is one of 211 Democrats. He earns $136,673 per year as a congressional representative. Works Cited Congressman Ruben Hinojosa. U.S. House of Representatives. Bibliography: *http://www.house.gov/hinojosa* Current Congressional Profile. Office of the Clerk. *http://clerkweb.house.gov/mbrcmtee/statsanswers.htm* House Membership Profile. Texas House of Representatives. *http://www.house.state.tx.us/common/profile.htm* Representative Roberto Gutierrez. Texas House of Representatives. *http://www.house.state.tx.us/house/dist41/dist41.htm* State Representative Roberto Gutierrez. Texas House of Representatives. *http://www.house.state.tx.us/house/bios/dist41b.htm* The Texas Constitution--Article 3. The Texas Constitution. *http://capitol.tlc.state.tx.us/txconst/sections/cn000300-000700.html*
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