Texas Instruments in South Korea

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Texas Instruments in South Korea
Understanding a target market’s needs and desires can assist companies with tailoring their offerings in the name of profit. Texas Instruments (TI) had been business since 1930. During this time they have reinvented their offerings to remain a viable business entity throughout the decades. Their ability to stay ahead of the change curve has translated into a current market cap value of approximately $47 billion ("Yahoo finance," 2014). Whether it is calculators, semiconductors, software or education materials TI has been able to continually transformed itself using a strategy predicated on “risk taking and innovation” ("Texas instruments," 2014).
It is this culture of risk taking that has TI attempting to partner with South Korea as a first mover in the digitization of learning for children K – 12. This digitization initiative is targeted for completion by 2015 (Peng, 2014). Social status surrounding a person’s education is critical within the South Korean culture ("Asia society," 2014). This emphasis on education highlights South Korea’s transformation over the last half century from a government of dictatorship into a democratic society that is enthusiastic about progress ("South korea’s education," 2013). This ability to transform has allowed South Korea to embrace times of change facilitating adoption of new methods in order to improve one’s learning experience.
TI recognizes the opportunity to invest in South Korea’s educational structure. This investment will facilitate adoption of their systems. Being a first mover in this market can manifest into a network effect. By integrating their systems and software TI can ensure a steady form of cash flow from sale of hardware, licensi...

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