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When it comes to taking tests I normally do not stress over them. I go into it with a good and open mindset that I am going to pass with flying colors. If I stress before I even begin the test, then my whole mindset will be thrown off and it makes it hard for me to concentrate. I have to be in a quiet room by myself in order to take tests/quizzes. I do have a tendency to stress when a test is timed. For example, I am taking a timed test that has 40 questions and I have five minutes left but I’ve only answered one-fourth of the questions. I will then become a little worried that I will not get done with the test. As far as when taking short answer or essay tests I will become stressed and overwhelmed. Short answer and essay tests/quizzes are my least favorite tests to take. I have a few regular tests coming up, but the next big test(s) I have coming up are both of my finals. I have one for Math-109 and Per-101. Math-109 is a college algebra. Per-101 is college success. I am taking another class, but do not have a final test in that class. I’m not sure what type of exam they are going ...

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