Test-Oriented or Ability-Oriented

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Test-Oriented or Ability-Oriented

It is known to the world that China has thousands of years of culture, and education is always an important part of carrying on and developing culture in Chinese history. With the changing of time, the content of education and the method of education have changed a lot. And now in the twentieth century, what does education look like in China after thousands of years of development? There are some kinds of problems existing in the current Test-Oriented Education system, and therefore, another more scientific education system, Ability-Oriented, is needed. However, applying another kind of education system should take many factors into consideration, which involve an argument of doing it. This study will mainly explore the situation of Test-Oriented Education, and the reason why the argument exists.

For students in China, the most important thing in their education process is taking tests. And the most important tests are the College Entrance Examinations which now include 9 subjects: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History and Geography. The scores of this series of exams will decide what kind of university or college to which they can apply and in what major they will be. Other words, the scores can decide students’ futures. These exams also mean a lot to high schools. The percentage of students being admitted into college is the standard for judging whether a school is good or not. And therefore, students study for gaining a high score, and teachers teach for gaining a high number of students being admitted. When tests become the final target of the education, it is called Test-Oriented Education.

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