Test Anxiety Introduction

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Test Anxiety
Research has shown that test anxiety currently exists for students in college. The education sector is one of the main areas faced with this problem. Students normally find it hard to cope with this kind of situation (Whipple, 1987). Test anxiety has caused fever in the education sector and people are struggling to make information understandable to students and learn how to manage it. Following the recent studies, test anxiety has been related to situations where students want to either sit for an examination or perform on stage, further test anxiety is common in places where one is supposed to perform and produce results (Watson and Driver, 1983).
Part 1
Test anxiety is actually one of the greatest dangers in the education system. In most cases, test anxiety leads to health problems like students becoming stressed because of failing to achieve a target or failing to do something. Following such occurrences, test anxiety can bring about depression, anger, hatred, and agitation (Walberg and Haertel, 1992). This kind of anxiety is not good for human health.
According to several researches that have been done in the recent past on students in places of learning, it has been found that many individuals suffer from test anxiety. Students interviewed actually linked test anxiety to stressful situations. They say that during the trial, they go through mental illness, some have even lost their mental capacity due to the same problem of test anxiety. Test anxiety has been known to affect people who are scholars in the education field. This ranges from tertiary institutions, middle level colleges, and down to level institutions. Following the results of test anxiety, it is actually good to try and find solutio...

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...ts and teachers could work together in encouraging learners to be fully prepared for their examinations on time. In addition, some professors are to blame for the increased prevalence of test anxiety among the learners. This is because they do not adequately prepare students for the exams. Studies have shown that teachers are quick to condemn test anxiety among, learners forgetting that they are the main contributor to the condition (Whipple, 1987).
For many years now, test anxiety has been assumed to be a less serious issue among the learners. However, as stipulated in this paper, test anxiety can cause serious effects to learners especially in cases where nothing has been done to address it. This paper has extensively explored the condition in three parts. In addition I have designed a technology that will help address test anxiety among learners.
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