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Getting an education is an essential part of growth. School is designed to prepare students for the real world. College provides a wide variety of degrees and career programs to help students pursue their goals. While the majority of the students pursue their education and goals through honest means, there are a lot of students who resort to cheating in order to accomplish their goals. Cheating is a serious issue, especially in the technological age we are living in. In this essay I will discuss cheating, its causes and potential effects.

Cheating in college is something that many students have done and are tempted to do. There are several different types of cheating, such as copying homework, plagiarizing, etc. Plagiarism is one of the most common ways students cheat, especially with the existence of the internet. Students through the internet can easily steal papers and copy articles without giving proper credit. Generally students who are willing to cheat are in their nature dishonest people; however there are also honest hard working students who resort to cheating for a variety of different reasons.

To understand why students cheat, we must first define what cheating is. Cheating is defined as earning a reward through dishonest or unethical means. There are several different reasons why students choose to cheat. For starters, students who are willing to cheat may be under high stress and/or academic pressure. Some students may have multiple jobs and have to deal with long days at work or have other things going on in their life, and at the same time are trying to stay on top of their studies. Some of these students may resort to cheating to save time and get that particular task out of the way so they don’t have to worry a...

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...gree could end up taking jobs from those who earned their degrees legitimately. In other words cheating can have a very negative effect on the quality of potential employees in the work force.
In conclusion, cheating is a dishonest and immoral act that can result in severe consequences. The negative consequences of cheating far outweigh any potential reasoning why a student may choose to cheat. If any student ever considers possibly taking a shortcut and cheating, they should always remind themselves of the potential consequences and remember the bigger picture; that they are in college to get an education and consume knowledge that they will need for their occupation of choice. My message for students is just be honest and work hard towards your goals, and if you do that the rewards will be far greater than what they would be if you choose to take the easy way out.
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